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Discovery and Learning

We have partnered with Duval Charter Flagler School to handle all Academic obligations.  Flagler Charter aligns with our philosophy and believe that an effective education doesn’t just come from memorizing or lecturing. Active participation in the learning process entails analyzing, discussing and collaborating - in order to comprehend and retain. All of our educators are designed to encourage deep mental processing and student engagement with the class material.

We believe in the African philosophy of “ubuntu” — a concept in which your sense of self is shaped by your relationships with other people. It’s a way of living that begins with the premise that “I am” only because “we are.” This way of living serves as a counterweight to the rampant individualism that’s so pervasive in the contemporary world.

We utilize Marzano's instructional strategies that have been researched and found to be highly effective in deepening understanding of new content.  

The combination of Ubuntu and Marzano's instructional strategies creates a culture where every child acquires both the knowledge of new content and leadership qualities deeply desired in the 21st century.    

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